Part I. Lighthouse

Meet Jon. Jon is a middle-aged man who has been living in a nursing home for quite a while, bound to his wheelchair. For Jon every day has been the same, he goes unnoticed while the days, weeks and months pass by before him.


There is one exception to this monotonous life and that is Eve, a young nurse who has seen the light fade away in Jon’s eyes. She tries to cheer him up with small gestures to help him through the day. As Eve and Jon bond she notices an old photo of a lighthouse – the one personal possession that Jon holds dear. She doesn’t fully understand what it means to Jon but she decides to surprise him, unaware of all the pain and memories she is about to dredge up for him.

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Dear Lia,


Not a day goes by where I don’t think of our lighthouse.


Remember when we used to gaze over the sea during a perfect sunset and enjoyed each others company in complete silence?
What happened? Where did I go wrong?


Please know that I miss you. Each and every day.



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