Part II. Future Funk

In this part it’s back to Jon again. Downtown in 1995. Jon is on the height of his career in finance. He is the big shot of the firm and worked his way up from the gutter. You can tell he’s made it by his custom made Italian dress shirt, his golden cufflinks and watch. He’s ruthless and has no compassion for his coworkers. To him they are a nuisance on his way to making it big. Jon does whatever it takes to bring in the money. And money is pouring in. He is living it like a rockstar. In the meanwhile ruining other peoples careers and lives, but he doesn’t care. Until he played all his cards and the Feds are on to him. That’s not all, one of his duped clients is waiting to take revenge…

Behind the scenes pictures

Hey Lia,


Hope you’re ok. Heard from my mom life is treating you well.

Not sure if you know already but things aren’t going that well for me. I am writing you from the state penitentiary hospital. Made some pretty bad mistakes.
I know you hate me for saying this, as you warned me but I really should have listened to you….



Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers - Future Funk